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“Time To Pay Off Debts” Update

We are a month from the shooting of my new short film “Time To Pay Off Debts”. Crazy days.

We did a casting call and we had over 300 applicants in the first 2 days, now we are asking for audition tapes before our “live” audition in New York City with my producer and friend Alex Corn.

Setting up some details with my Art Director and new member of the team, the incredible Amanda Berenosky.

Excited about working with the amazing John Hicks, my DoP and also a good friend.

Probably during next week I’ll be able to announce the name of the final cast, and let me say that all of them are great actors.

Old, Dark diner_bar_pub_01


“Desert Eagle”. Bad News

Well friends, I regret to say that we still didn’t find the funds we need to shoot the most awesome short film ever made on an iPhone, “Desert Eagle”. We have been negociating with a big electronic consumer products company, but finally, we couldn’t get a deal, anyway I feel honored just because of the interest the company showed for our project.
So, this doesn’t mean the project is dead, we just need more time to achieve our goal of getting the funds needed, but in the meantime, I need to shoot something, so I’ve written a new short film, cheaper, without VFX, and we’ll try to make it hapend.

By now, keep this title in mind

Time to pay off debts

And say, “see you soon!”, to “Desert Eagle”






















“Desert Eagle” update

This weeks are being crazy. some changes had to be done in order to make this project as big as we can, 3 of them, the biggest changes are:

  • We have a new line producer, the incredible talented Alex Corn
  • We have changed the shooting dates, finally we’ll be shooting in May
  • And the biggest change of all, we have changed the location, we left the beutiful and warm Phoenix for a new location, probably the most cinematic city of the entire world, here’s a clue, guess what is the city I’m talking about?

Yes, we are gonna shoot my new iPhone short film in the city that doesn’t sleep, NEW YORK CITY, that’s the reason why we will shoot in May, because of the weather.

I promise you that this will be my best iPhone short film, and something never done before on an iPhone


The Asking Room is still alive

I’ve been a bit off-line because I’m setting up the pre-production of my new project, codename: “Desert Eagle” and my first feature “Dead End”, but I don’t want to lose the opportunity to tell you that “The Asking Room” is one of the finalist of  “Super 9 Mobile Film Fest”.
Thanks to the jury and organization.

Super 9 Mobile Film Fest

Project “Desert Eagle” first concept art

This is our first concept art where you can see our lead character, and chasing him, a mexican-american gang.
Today I want to introduce you to our new concept artist, this guy is a renaissance man, in fact he’s even italian. He’s photographer, filmmaker, musician and, as you can see, a drawing artist. It’s a pleasure for me to introduce you to a new Me.S.S. FilmMakers member, Antonio Ielo.