“Time To Pay Off Debts” & Dynamedion





More than once I’ve said that music in my movies is as important as a character, or even more.
Music drives you through the movie, improving your feelings very easily.

In my previous movies, I chose my sountracks from a huge  database of music tracks that you can find at shockwave-sound .com, you just have to pick the music you want and pay the license depending of how the distribution of your movie is gonna be.

Most of the time I chose music from a composer called Pierre Langer, as for instance for “The Fixer“, I loved his music.

This time I tried to contact him because I wanted to know if he could write the music for my incoming short film. I get to him, actually to their music and sound desing studio in Germany “Dynamedion“, and I say “their” because there are 2 geniuses at the head of this amazing studio, Pierre Langer and Tilman Sillescu.

I got amazed when I discovered that they knew “The Fixer”, they knew about me and about my future feature “Dead End”. So after a few e-mails they decided to join “Time To Pay Off Debts” team writing the music (what Tilman (Dynamedion creative director) is doing for this project will blow your mind). We also will collaborate in my feature “Dead End”.

Dynamedion also gives you the posibility of getting license to use their music tracks in your projects, you can find it here, or you can use their huge sound FX library, Boom Library. Check it out!





I’m not kidding if I tell you they are one of the best, biggest and more important studio here in Europe, if you don’t believe me just take a look at what they have done.

Dynamedion has worked in projects with Peter Jackson and Hans Zimmer, just to name a few. You can hear their work in projects like Matt Damon’s Bourne series or, the last project they have done,  soundtrack  for one of the most successful videogame saga, the latest “Hitman”.

As you can see they are great musicians and artist, and I also can say they are great people and good friends. Thanks guys!

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