Filmmaking will never be the same

I’m glad to announce the shooting of my new and last iPhone short film, project codename: DESERT EAGLE, before the shooting of my first feature “Dead End”.
Those who know me know that I’m always trying to break the limits of the iPhone FilmMaking, well, this is for sure, the most ambitous iPhone short film I ever shot, a step forward even from “The Other Side”.

This short film is produced by myself, along with Phillip Felice, founder of “SMARTPHOCUS” (, the world’s best gear for any iPhone filmmaker, and Neill Barham, founder of CINEGENIX, creators of FILMIC PRO APP, also the world’s best app for iPhone filmmakers.

This project will be shot in Phoenix, Arizone in january 2015, stay tuned, filmmaking will never be the same…

Let me introduce you to some of the crew we have so far.

Writer/Director: Conrad Mess (Spain)

Conrad Mess
Phillip Felice. Phoenix, Arizona (USA)
Neill Barham. Seattle, Washington (USA)

Director of Photography: John Hicks (UK) (

Visual FX: Javier Horrillo (Virtual Art) ( (Spain)

Concept Art/Storyboard: Antonio Ielo (Italy)




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