Last weeks summary

Let me make a quick summary of what have happened during these weeks and I couldn’t share with you because of the lack of time.

We have the teaser poster of “Time to pay of debts”, this is the version that we are gonna use until we have the final version, a poster that is gonna blow your mind, drawn by hand by Miguel Fuster (the new one, not this).

I would like to share with you an interview that Mobile Moviemaking made me a few weeks ago.

Learning Mobile Moviemaking Project by Project

And also an article where you can watch our teaser trailer.

Theme as the Key to Movie Storytelling

Yes, we released the teaser trailer some weeks ago, you can also watch it in the home page or right here.

I also wanted to tell you that “Time to pay off debts” was premiered at Mojocon 2016 in Dublin last may the 29th. I want to thanks Glen Mulcahy for inviting me one more year and for hosting our premier. One more year I have to say that I felt like if I was in home, one of the best, if not the best, conference about mobile journalism and smartphone filmmaking.

The very next day, may the 30th, “Time to pay off bets” was also screened in San Diego at San Diego International Mobil Film Festival, where I was awarded with one of the most important awards in my filmmaker carrer, “Best Global iPhone FilmMaker”. Thanks to Susy Botello for this incredible award and for helping me all these years.

Best global









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